Testing a Plasma Gun Turret

Today I played around with the particle effects until I was happy with this plasma gun effect and then I threw that on a turret model I put together in Blender.

When basic enemies are implemented, these turrets will have a cone collider that extends out from their location that fires at any hostile objects that enter that space.  Turrets will be locked to a certain FOV so that you would need to build turrets on all sides of any installation to truly cover every angle of approach.

Next, I will put a scaled down version of this plasma gun on the player's ship so that you can help these turrets defend your installations.

The initial enemies I am planning will just be privateers' reconnaisance drones who try to get close to gather data and then fly back to report to their owners.  If you are able to destroy these drones before they can escape you may avoid detection by the privateer fleets.


SpaceProspectors-Nov24-2017.zip 21 MB
Nov 25, 2017
SpaceProspectors-Linux-Nov24-2017.zip 26 MB
Nov 25, 2017

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